Our goal is to help you start seeing results quickly, so our onboarding process is designed to equip you with everything you need to use Kevy well.

We act as your partners in getting the most from the Kevy platform and features. As soon as you become a Kevy customer, your experience will begin with the onboarding process.     

Kevy’s onboarding program is 30-days and will train you on deliverability, best practices, campaign management and the use of all Kevy features.

Onboarding Timeline: 

As soon as you signup, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager and technical representative. This team will help integrate your ecommerce storefront with the Kevy system using our robust Java Script implementation. Our team will handle the entire integration process and the transfer of data from your platform into the Kevy system. Once integration is complete, data will continue to flow continuously and automatically from your ecommerce site into Kevy.

While the technical team completes integration, your account manager will host dedicated training and onboarding calls. Your account manager will be your go-to source for training, questions, and support during the onboarding period.

You will gain full access to Kevy after the first onboarding call.

Responsibilities during implementation:

Kevy will:

  • Add the Kevy tracking code (Java Script) directly onto your ecommerce platform
  • Import your list of historical contacts and order data
  • Train you on use, deliverability, and best practices 

You will:

  • Provide Kevy with historical contact and order csv
  • Complete DNS setup and domain verification 
  • Update preference center and ensure account information is accurate

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