In order to be CAN SPAM compliant, you need to provide all email recipients with a way to unsubscribe from your account and from receiving further emails.

Every email you send out of Kevy needs to have this option. We have added it by default to all of our templates. If you decide to add your own template, you can add this with a VARIABLE tab.

However, some users may not want to unsubscribe to ALL FUTURE communications, but only from a subset of future emails. In order to prevent unnecessary opt-outs and increase subscribers, we recommend using the Preference Center.

The Preference Center is where your customers will go when they click on the link at the bottom of any email to adjust their preferences.

Setting up the Preference Center is easy.  Just follow the below steps.

Remember: Any list you choose to show publicly will populate in the Preference Center of the viewer. That is, the name of the list WILL APPEAR on the customer’s Preference Center. 

    1. Select the Preference Center from the sub-navigation of Admin in the left-hand menu.
    2. The resulting screen will list all saved Preference Centers. Select Create Preference Center.

   3. You will need to fill out four sections by clicking on the tabs at the top – General, Header Content, Body Content, and Footer Content. You have the opportunity to preview the customer’s Preference Center via the Preview tab, if desired.

    4. When finished, select the Create Preference Center button at the bottom.
    5. Rejoice – you’re CAN SPAM-compliant!

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