Double opt-in is a process that requires a new contact to confirm their email address before the actions being processed by a form handler.

When a Kevy form handler has double opt-in enabled, new contacts will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting to the form. This email will prompt them to confirm their subscription. Only contacts that confirm their subscription will be processed by the form handler.

Why is Double Opt-In Important?

When you add a form to your site, you are not able to control who decides to take advantage of this form. It can be hard to ensure contacts submit valid email addresses. Also, spam bots could flood it with unwilling email addresses. This is known as "listbombing". The best way to protect your form is via a CAPTCHA coupled with double opt-in.

The double opt-in process helps you grow your audience while minimizing abuse and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped emails. This is important because most major email clients track how contacts interact with emails. They track how many emails are marked as spam, bounce, and opened.

Email clients use this information to determine whether your emails are classified as spam. This means having a lot of unengaged, spam bot submitted, or invalid emails will not only hurt your reputation, but also your ability to reach contacts that really want to receive your email.

How do I Enable Double Opt-In?

Double-opt in is enabled by default for form handlers. You can disable double opt-in and select the opt-in template for a form handler under the specific settings. For more detailed instructions, see Setting Up Double-Opt In for Your Form Handler.

Single Opt-In

There may be cases you may want to remove double opt-in and make your form handler single opt-in.

Single opt-in can be enabled when using a third party form or signup process that handles the double opt-in confirmation. If your third party signup form has a double-opt in feature enabled, you can disable double opt-in on your Kevy form handler so contacts don't receive multiple opt-in confirmation emails.

Enable single opt-in by editing the form handler. Under "What specific settings?", uncheck the Double Opt-in Enabled? option.

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