Campaigns tie together all of your marketing efforts in Kevy. Each campaign’s unique Campaign ID reflects revenue gained from emails, triggers, and offers sent through Kevy.

Campaigns will function as your over-arching strategy using every feature within Kevy. Your campaigns will help determine which features you want to use, and what audience you want to receive each message.

We’ve made setting up Campaigns extremely simple – just follow the steps below:

    1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab on the left.


    2.  This view shows you all of your Campaigns you’ve created, associated revenue, and average order value. In order to create a new campaign, click on the Create Campaign at the top right.
    3. Enter a Name and Description for the Campaign.

Frequently Asked Question: “How should I name my Campaigns?

Our response: Your Campaigns should be named in such a way that recognizes the strategy (i.e. ‘2015 Winter Holiday Season’, ‘Browse Abandon – 10% Off’).


    4. Click on Create Campaign when done.

You should see your new Campaign in the Campaigns list.

To edit a Campaign, we’ve made it just as easy:


  1. Navigate to Campaigns tab on the left.
  2. This view shows you all of your Campaigns you’ve created, associated Revenue, and Average Order Value. Click on the Campaign you wish to edit.
  3. Click on the icon at the top right, and click "edit campaign".
  4. Update the Name and Description fields as needed.
  5. Click on Update Campaign at the bottom right when done.
  6. You will be brought back to the detail view of the Campaign with updated fields.

The resulting view shows several views associated with the Campaign including Revenue, Average Order Value, Emails, Offers, Triggers and Form Handlers tied to the Campaign. 

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