Suppression lists are used to exclude a certain group of people from receiving your email. Suppression lists are extremely important when you want to send content to a specific segment of users while ensuring another group does not receive the same content. 

Any Kevy list can be used as a suppression list. When sending your email, simply select which list you would like to receive the email, using the drop down provided. Then select which list you would like to exclude. 

In the example below, the sender wants to send the email to everyone in their "Master list", unless that person is on their "Loyalty Program" list. Note that the exclusion list controls, meaning that any person appearing in both lists would NOT receive the email.  


Why should I exclude someone from receiving my email(s)?

1. The content is targeted to a unique group of people, and does not apply to another. 

  • Example - you want everyone in Georgia to receive a discount for free shipping since your warehouse is located in the state. But you do not want the rest of your customer base to receive the discount. In which case, you would send to your Georgia list, but suppress all other lists. 

2. The content is not relevant to a certain group.

  • Example - You want to send a product launch announcement to everyone that is interested in men's clothing. You may want to exclude those that only purchase women's accessories. 

3. They have already received the content from another means.

  • Example - If you have a trigger/auto-responder to everyone that ordered in the past 30days with a 10% off offer, you may want to exclude those recipients when you send the same 10% off offer to everyone else. If the recent customers see the offer is actually a mass email promotion, they may feel like they should have received a more special discount for having just ordered. 
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