For the best possible experience using your Kevy platform to send emails, we recommend following these best practices:

  • For bulk emails, send from different ‘from’ email addresses for better deliverability.
  • Include your official business street address in all email communications. This cannot be a PO Box and it should be your corporate headquarters or another address where official communications are handled.
  • Handle all unsubscribe requests immediately or at least within 10 business days.
  • Provide your recipients a direct way to unsubscribe without marking your email as spam. Apart from complying with the legal requirements, providing a link to a subscription center in all your promotional emails will also improve your overall sending reputation as a genuine company.
  • Make sure you provide a meaningful subject line for your email. Refrain from all caps text, too many exclamation points and duplicate content. Identify your communication clearly as advertisement if that is the case and avoid placing misleading subject lines. This requirement might be critical due to legal reasons in some jurisdictions. Similarly, having a meaningful and consistent “From” address is also important. Don’t use “no-reply” or similar addresses in the “From” field. Keep in mind that receiving an email from an impersonal, unknown sender might raise the chances that your recipients will mark your email as spam and might be non-compliant with anti-spam laws in some countries/regions.
  • Create your email content so that it is relevant to your recipients. It should be interesting, engaging, aesthetically pleasant, and technically well-formed in terms of HTML structure, character set encoding, and other guidelines specific to emails. Remember that your emails are perceived as extensions of your brand not only to your recipients but also to ISPs monitoring email deliverability.
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