If you are already using the WooCommerce platform, then you will integrate with Kevy using the following steps:

     1. On the left-hand menu of WooCommerce, navigate to Plugins > Add New.

     2. Click on Upload Plugin

     3. Upload this file.

     4. Next, on the left-hand menu, navigate to WooCommerce > Settings.

     5. At the top of this page, click on the Integration tab, and then click on Kevy eCommerce Marketing Platform, and enter your unique Kevy Store ID that you will receive during on-boarding.  

Woocommerce webhooks are a great way to connect your store to Kevy.

Once webhooks are enabled, Woocommerce will trigger events each time you add, edit or delete orders, products, coupons or customers. 


Steps to Add Webhooks

1. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > API > Webhooks.

 2. Click Add Webhook

3. Add 4 webhooks with the following Settings:

After adding all the webhooks, your webhook list should look like the below: 

Want more info check out the following links:

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