You do not need to provide a CSV of product items for Kevy to import. Our Javascript will automatically import all of your products and pass them into Kevy. Kevy imports:

  • Product name
  • SKU
  • Price

Within Kevy, you can associate product(s) with brands or categories.

Associating a product to a brand is simple.

    1. If you would like to create a new Brand first, start here. Otherwise, skip to Step 6.
    2. On the left-hand menu, navigate to Products > Brands.
    3. The resulting view shows all of the brands saved from earlier. Select Create Brand from the top right.
    4. Enter in the Brand details here – Name, URL Path, Description, and Page Title.

    5. Select Create Brand when done. You can create as many brands as you’d like.
    6. Now, let’s associate a Product to a Brand. Select Products from the sub-navigation of Products in the left-hand menu.

    7. You will see a list of the Products that Kevy has recognized. Click on the Product you would like to add to a Brand.
    8. You will now see a page showing the details of the Product. Click Edit Product.

    9. Then select the brand from the drop-down provided.

    10. Select Update Product at the bottom of the details page to save.

Note that you can associate as many products with one brand as you would like.

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