What is Segmentation?

List segmentation is exactly what it sounds like - dividing your list of contacts into smaller segments based on demographic or behavioral data. You can then use these lists to send highly targeted email campaigns to the right audience. This is a proven way to help your business gain and retain customers!

Segment by:

  • Birthday
  • Brand
  • Date Range
  • Default Field
  • Email Open
  • Email Click
  • Frequency
  • List
  • Location
  • Monetary
  • Page View
  • Product
  • Product Category
  • Product Date Range
  • Recency
  • Shopping Cart
  • Trigger

Best Practices:

  • Alert your customers when new products arrive or go on sale based on their purchase history.
  • When a customer buys a product, send a follow up email to upsell them on other products that may correspond with their purchase. For example, if your customer bought a dress, send an email to advertise jewelry to go with that dress.
  • Alert customers when items from their favorite brand are back in stock.
  • Put all customers who haven’t bought anything in a long time on a list and send them a “we miss you!” email.
  • Put customers who made a recent purchase on a list to send a follow up “thank you!” email
  • Send your loyal customers who shop most frequently a reward.
  • Send your high spending customers special promotions like free shipping, free gift with purchase, or discounts as a way to say thank you. Invite these customers to exclusive sales or events.

Play around with your lists to get even deeper. Segment by product category and recency, frequency, amount spent, or any combination of rules to narrow down your target market even further! 

For more information and ideas on email customization, visit the Kevy blog!

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