To use the Kevy form handler, you will need to map the form handler fields to the fields in your form.  Whether creating a new form handler, or editing an existing form handler, it is extremely important that every field mapping matches identically between your form and form handler. 

Navigate to Automation > Form Handlers, and either click on an existing form to edit, or click on Create Form Handler.

Follow these steps to be sure the fields are mapped accurately:

  • Click Add Field Mapping  > NOTE: Because email is required, we have defaulted this as your first field mapping.  
  • Enter the External Field Name with the exact name of the form field as it appears on your form. This is identified by the ‘name=’ attribute of the input tag in the HTML of your original form.  > NOTE: External field names are case-sensitive
  • Select the Kevy Contact Field (e.g.Email or First Name) that the external field name should map to using our drop down of available field mappings
  • After editing any desired actions, click Create Form Handler for a new form handler or Update Form Handler for an existing form handler.
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