Add Google Analytics Tracking to an Email in Send Center

When creating an email, you can check the Add Google Analytics tracking to links box to have Kevy automatically add UTM parameters to all links in your email.


The links will include the following UTM parameters:

  • utm_campaign: email name and send date
  • utm_medium: email
  • utm_content: email name 
  • utm_term: link Alt text

For example, an email called "New Menu" and the email token is k123A with a link with text "Link to Shop Now" would have the following UTM variables:

  • utm_campaign: New Menu 02/20/17
  • utm_medium: email
  • utm_content: New Menu k123A
  • utm_term: Link to Shop Now

Note: All UTM variables will be lower case in Google Analytics.

Why Kevy's revenue numbers might not match Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics uses pixel tracking while Kevy uses purchase data directly from store, it's likely the analytics between both services won't align. Here are a couple common cases where Google Analytics will not record revenue:

  • A contact receives an email, reads it, does not click on a link, but goes to your store and makes a purchase. Google Analytics doesn't know they read your email, but Kevy does.
  • A contact receives an email, reads it, clicks on a link from their mobile device. They complete the purchase from their laptop instead of their mobile device. In this case, Google Analytics does not track the revenue because they read and clicked the email from a different device than the one they completed their purchase. 

As a result, we recommend deferring to Kevy's revenue tracking. You can change Kevy's email conversion period in your account settings.

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