Offers are extremely powerful when used correctly. In fact, targeted pop-ups can increase subscriptions 500%.

But the key to pop-ups is to ensure you customizing them to fit the needs and behaviors of your shoppers. Below are some tips when creating your own pop-ups:

  • To make pop-ups less of a nuisance, set up rules to display customized, highly targeted offers.This can be done by selecting 'Display offer based on custom rules' under the 'Audience' dropdown. 
  • Offer coupons and rewards based on the products or brands your customer typically buys.
  • Use an email capture pop-up to obtain anonymous visitors' contact information. Have email capture pop-ups display only to visitors who have not yet converted by selecting 'Anonymous visitors' under the 'Audience' dropdown. 
  • Timing your pop-up is the most crucial aspect to get the results you want. The best time to show a pop-up is 60 seconds after your visitors enter your site.
  • A pop-up that appears after 4 page views gets fewer impressions than a pop-up that shows after 2 page views.
  • Use your headline to make an offer that your visitors can’t refuse. Test a few of them to see which gather more subscribers.
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