When preparing to send an email in the Send Center, you may preview the email before sending.  By clicking on various sections of the menu at the top, you can add the basic info, select a template, and design your email.  Clicking on Preview allows you to see what the email recipients will see.

The default preview displays a single email as the recipients will see it, except that the dynamic tags appear as tags.  For example, the preview email will begin "Hi {{contact.first_name}},".  

In order to use the Live Preview, click the On/Off button to Enable live dynamic tag info.

With this feature turned on, the preview will show each email individually, with the dynamic tag inserted, exactly as it will appear when sent.  Using the arrows at the top, you may click through and preview each email.

 If you prefer, you may also input a specific email, rather than clicking through each email one by one.  Simply type the specific email address into the text box at the top right:

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