Before you Start

Before beginning, here are a few general points:

  • You are required to include an unsubscribe link and physical address with every email you send. To learn more about the required footer content, see our knowledge base article on unsubscribe links.
  • When you use dynamic tags such as an unsubscribe link, whether in a footer or elsewhere, it’s important to preview your email before sending.

Troubleshooting the Unsubscribe Footer

Kevy checks any email you send for content, and if the required unsubscribe information is not included, Kevy automatically adds a default footer that contains the dynamic tags to the bottom of your email. The added footer will look something like below:


If an extra footer is added to any email you send, here are possible reasons why:

  • The unsubscribe link is missing. Kevy's terms, and the law, require you to include the global unsubscribe link in all emails.
  • An HTML tag was left open. If any tag is left open in a custom HTML template, the system may not see your global unsubscribe link or email unsubscribe link. Check your code to make sure that all HTML tags are closed.
  • Are you using Microsoft Word?Here at Kevy, we don’t recommend you use Microsoft Word or any other rich text editor to create your content. These programs are not designed to convert to HTML and sometimes add excess code that interferes with Kevy's ability to identify whether the unsubscribe link is present.  
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