In order to create an offer, click 'Automation' on the left side menu and select 'Offers'.

Then, click the green ‘Create New Offer’ button on the top right. 

You will see a pop-up window. You are required to name the offer and select the campaign associated with it. Then, choose the editor you want to use and click ‘Save’ to create new offer.

Select 'Audience' tab and from here you can choose your audience, device and URL to display offer.

The 'Specific Settings' section allows you to control the page views to display; seconds on page before display; display offer and the coupon code associated with this offer. 

Note that the unique offer will only be shown once per unique browsing session so that your customers will not be inundated with the same offer or they're trying to browse your site over and over again.

Select the action that you want to take when the offer is claimed.

Designing Offers

After setting up your audience, you can now proceed to ‘Design’ tab. Here, you can design the Main Pop-up or Thank you Pop-up. Choose a design. If you want to make changes, drag and drop the elements from the right hand side panel. You can also edit the background color; background image, sizes; shapes and dimensions on the ‘Settings’ section. 

Once you’re done designing, confirm and you can save and exit. 

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