You can create custom fields for Products as well as Contacts. This allows you to display or made additional decisions based on the product in your email templates. 

To set up a product type custom field, you can take the following steps:

  1. Go to Custom Fields under Admin in the Kevy Dashboard.

2. When creating your custom field for your product, select Product under Type.

3. Add your field under the Name. An example can be found below (shoe size):

4. After creating your custom field, head to the Products section. There, you can update your product with Create Product. There you can see a field on shoe size:

Once saved, you can use the attribution variable tag of this product variant (shoe_size) on emails to pull up products with product variants. 

You can use the following tags on this sample product (shoe size):


If you'd like to learn more about which variable tags Kevy supports, check out our help article on supported variable tags.

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