Contacts may provide more than just their first names and emails. With Kevy's contact custom fields, you can collect unique values for each contact for a much personal touch in knowing your customer.

You can create custom fields on a contact through a feature in the Custom Fields menu, under Type. 

1. Go to Custom Fields under Admin in the Kevy Dashboard.

2. When creating your custom field for your contact, select Contact under Type.

3. Add your field under the Name. An example can be found below (shoe size). The Name attribute will be used to label values in the Kevy UI and can be whatever you'd like. The Field Name is how you'll reference the value in your email templates and form handlers. In general you should take the default value that's created based on the Name attribute.

4. After creating your custom field, head to the Contacts section under Segmentation. There, you can go to your contacts add details related to the variant found on the Custom Field section:

Additionally, if you're using our Form Handlers, if you pass in a value when you update the contact information, it will also be saved here.

Once saved, you can use the attribution variable tag of this contact variant (shoe_size) to personalize your emails towards the client that may be interested with products that may have relation to this data. 

You can use the following tags on this sample contact variant (shoe size):


If you'd like to learn more about which variable tags Kevy supports, check out our help article on supported variable tags.

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